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We are a family that promotes natural living. We are also parenting advocates. This blog was created to share our personal experiences with you while providing resources to other parents trying to do the same. You will find an array of strategies for eating clean, as well as offering products through our site that were either organically grown or formulated organically, especially for the use of those wishing to adopt (or continue) a natural way of living. 

We see an exciting future as we move into alignment with the black diaspora, connecting with our African and Caribbean brothers and sisters in these communities and markets around the world, that provide fresh products intended for our bodies, and extras such as honey, produce, herbs & herbal teas, healthy snacks, and other natural products to feed us and promote healthful eating in the wellness space. We have cultivated relationships with local suppliers in the diasporan markets to ensure that we are delivering the absolute highest caliber of 100% fresh, pure, and natural products to feed our melanated bodies.

We are glad to be here and look forward to showing you all of the wonders that our community has to offer!

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