Copper Bangle – 1 Spiral


Copper Bangle – 1 Spiral



1 Spiral Copper Bangle

We wear our Copper Bangles daily to increase our energy flow, level of awareness, strength, personal power, protection, magnetism, and more.
Our Copper Bangles are intentional tools created to uplift and empower your highest self.
Copper Bangles are great for energy work, yoga + meditation. Useful for your alter or sacred space adornment. Work great with exercise, and so much more. Tap into the many wonders of copper jewelry and let us know your experience. Product Details:

This listing is for one (1) Copper Bangle.
You can modify your order to the price.
Hand-made with 100% Pure Electrical Copper Wire.

Be sure to choose the right size bangle for you.
All Copper Bangles are Made to Order, based on arm size. To properly measure your arms for cuffs, please use the sizing picture as a reference
XS= 9- 9.5″ | S= 10- 10.5″| M= 11- 11.5″ | L= 12- 12.5″ | XL= 13- 13.5″
If you don’t see your exact arm size, please round up to the nearest # or contact us.
The spiral Copper Bangles are slightly adjustable, however, be sure to measure your arms as accurately as possible.
*Please Note: Measurements are based on inches.



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