Signature Hoop Earrings – Medium


Medium Signature Hoop Earrings



Medium Signature Hoop Earrings
Circle or Oval Hoops

Hand -made with 100% Pure Electrical

• Healing + Mela9atedmagical uses :

Our copper earrings are very powerful and the energy can truly be felt. Use these earrings to manifest positive thoughts and to actively visualize the future you want. Create a shield of protection and stabilize your aura!

When Copper is twisted, it becomes a superconductor that is able to neutralize magnetic fields. Twisted metal is an infinite source of energy, and stabilizes the bio-electric field of the body.

Everything is handmade and one of a kind, if you see something you love, please be sure to claim it before it’s too late!

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Oval Signature Hoop Earrings


Round Signature Hoop Earrings


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